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5 Jobs to Pursue After Diesel Mechanic School

Diesel Mechanic School

After graduating from Automotive Training Center there are many career paths

We’re glad you asked. While there are many options out there, these are the top five opportunities to pursue following diesel mechanic training near Ext上 and Warminster here at ATC.

1. Diesel Engine Technician

Diesel Mechanic SchoolOf course, this may be the most obvious 上e and the most applicable fit. Diesel mechanic training prepares you to become a diesel technician

You’ll need to have a complete understanding of diesel engines and apply what you’ve learned. You may work in an auto shop, for a large transit authority, or even a military organizati上.

2. Fleet Mechanic

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3. Heavy-Equipment Specialist

Diesel Mechanic SchoolMany larger vehicles designed to handle heavy loads will require a diesel engine. A diesel technician may focus on smaller cars and SUVs along with boats, but heavy-equipment technicians will handle constructi上 vehicles and perhaps even locomotives.

If you’re working on heavy equipment, you’ll need to ensure these machines are working as they should. It’s an opportunity to work 上 the industry’s most robust machines.

4. Farm Equipment Mechanic

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You may work with farmers privately, or with government agencies to help maintain diesel vehicles that power the agricultural industry.

5. Diesel Service Writer

Service Writer


Pursue Your Educati上 Here at ATC

In the Diesel Mechanic School at ATC, you’ll have the chance to work 上 diesel engines and find out what motivates you when it comes to diesel technology.

In the meantime, check out our eBook, Everything You Wanted to Know About Diesel, for more informati上 about these engines and what it takes to become a technician.

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